Tuesday, August 19, 2008

return e-learning;

Here is my new blog that I just decided to start writing. It will talk about my adventures in using Flash, Flex and other web technologies to enhance and engage learners. For those who don't know when you return a function in a program like Flex or Flash it looks something like this. ;)

public function instructionalDesign(boringCourse:Learning):AwesomeCourse {
e-learning = objectives + goals + greatInstruction + realWorldProblems;
return e-learning;

While this is a contrived example based on a function in Actionscript, it highlights my goal that through technology we can make elearning and rich and fulfilling experience for those that take the course. (probably because I had to explain that title that much it might not be the best.)

I have been here at 360 | Flex and have really enjoyed it. My brain is fried but I like to think that I am learning a few things. I am currently trying to create a swf xml course loader in Flex to replace the course loaders that we are currently doing in Flash. From what I have learned at this conference, I almost think that I should wait until the new version of Flex comes out. It will give a lot better options to modify the design of a shell. But oh well, maybe by then I will actually figure it out.

If you use flex or Flash to develop e-learning I would like to hear from you, with your experiences.

I will try to post code, examples and if I am really ambitious tutorials of how to do things that I have learned. If I ever figure out how to implement AICC with a Flash course I will be sure to pass that on, and feel that I am contributing something to the world.